Mission Statement  
Tel-Affinity Corp. is an independent cost-control consultancy, specializing in telecommunications and data communications solutions for businesses. We help businesses drive down their operating expenses while improving the overall quality of services they purchase.

Our mission is to be a reliable, informed, and honest broker of each service we represent. We are committed to bringing our customers to vendors providing high quality services at competitive prices.

  • We stand behind every product we sell.

  • We are committed to working with well-established vendors with strong product and service offerings who share our commitment to quality technology and customer service. 

  • We seek to match our customers’ needs to the vendors most able to address those needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • We work closely with our customers throughout the life of any contract to ensure smooth carrier transitions and ongoing satisfactory service and support.

  • We are committed to honesty and integrity in all transactions.

    Tel-Affinity Corp.
    Finally—You have a friend in the business.
About Us  
Mordie Weintraub is the President and Founder of Tel-Affinity Corp.  He is primarily responsible for developing Tel-Affinity’s vendor and customer relationships. He brings 18 years of industry experience to bear in his work with every customer, honestly assessing vendor strengths and weaknesses for particular customer needs and applications and finding new niche vendors that meet unique customer requirements.  Over the years, he has saved his customers tens of millions of dollars on telecommunications expenses while simultaneously improving the reliability of his customers’ services.  He is a strong advocate on his customers’ behalf and works diligently to ensure that vendors both meet their commitments and satisfy his customers with technical and customer service quality. In short, Mordie is focused on building and maintaining strong, long-term, trusting relationships with both vendors and customers.   

Amy Gerber is the Vice President of Tel-Affinity Corp.  Since joining Tel-Affinity Corp. in 1995, Amy has been involved in all aspects of the company’s operations, including pre-sales technical and financial analyses, coordination of project implementation and turn-ups and post-sale customer support. Throughout the process, she works closely with customers and vendors to ensure smooth transitions to new services, and provides ongoing support for customer service needs. Prior to joining Tel-Affinity, Amy held a variety of positions in the field of energy efficiency consulting, assisting commercial, industrial, and residential facility managers in evaluating and implementing cost-effective efficiency investments.