Telecommunications Solutions  

Voice Services remain the core of any business communications strategy. Email may be quick and easy, but sometimes, YOU JUST HAVE TO TALK!

Tel-Affinity represents every major voice service provider in the country, from the LECs—Verizon, ATT & Qwest, to the full range of CLECs (national and regional), including PaeTec, One Communications, XO, ACC Business, TelePacific, and dozens more.

Our vendors include providers of every essential business voice communications service – local dial tone (PRI, T1, POTS, Centrex); long distance, toll free and international calling; IP Telephony (including SIP trunks); mobile solutions; international calling solutions, conferencing products, and essential voice disaster recovery products.

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with a detailed and objective evaluation of the voice service options that meet your business needs for pricing, features, and reliability. We know that you want voice services that address your current business needs cost-effectively and that will scale upward as you grow your business.

And once you have selected the services you need, we work closely with you and your team to implement those solutions.

Our portfolio includes:

  • T1 and PRI voice services

  • Integrated Access (voice and data; dynamic and fixed allocation)

  • Internet Telephony/VOIP

  • Wireless/cellular services

  • Conferencing Services (voice, web, and video)

  • POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service)

  • Managed billing for multi-location enterprises

  • Stand-alone calling services (switched, dedicated, toll-free, international calling)

  • International calling solutions

  • Voice Recovery Services/Emergency Recovery Planning

Contact us for more information on our available voice solutions.