Wireless Solutions  

Can your business survive without your wireless and mobile communications devices?

Do you want to make the most of the wireless resources you have?

Are you concerned about “wireless waste”? Too much spending on wireless resources without sufficient return?

Do you need a better way to track, control and manage your corporate wireless resources and mobile workforce?

Tel-Affinity Corp. has solutions for your business.

Essential Wireless Products and Services

  • Cell phones

  • PDAs

  • Wireless data devices

  • All major carriers

Setting up a corporate account? Contact us for the best solutions and pricing.

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Fixed Wireless Solutions

  • Hotel/hospitality/community WiFi networks

  • Wireless internet access—primary connectivity or redundant solution for disaster recovery

  • Voice Recovery Services/Emergency Recovery Planning

Track, Control, and Manage Your Wireless Devices and Mobile Workforce

  • Workforce management solutions: GPS for workers, vehicles and assets

  • Telecom Expense Management

  • Wireless Inventory Management

    We’ve got vendors to help you track every mobile voice and data device. Leverage your mobile devices to control costs, improve efficiency and increase responsiveness.

International Wireless Solutions

Traveling overseas?

Need an international phone for a single trip or ongoing travel?

Contact us for cost-effective international wireless solutions.