Case Studies  

At Tel-Affinity, we are committed to helping our customers find the best telecom and datacom solutions. Below are a few sample projects we have undertaken to assist customers in meeting their business goals.

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Wireless Management and Cost Reduction

Our customer, a division of a Fortune 50 Company, had thousands of cell phone users. They knew they were vastly overspending on wireless services but didn’t have the staffing or expertise to organize and manage a review of their inventory and to implement an ongoing tracking and monitoring program.

We conducted a comprehensive review of their wireless inventory, implemented more efficient pooling, provided tiered management reports, identified/eliminated fraud, abuse and simple waste, and implemented additional cost-saving measures. We generated $1.9 million in first year savings with comparable savings for each subsequent year. The ROI was 10 times the consulting fee.

Health Spa Guest WiFi Purchase Analysis

Our customer, a renowned health spa known for providing premier services to its guests, was looking to add a guest WiFi network.

We were asked to conduct all of the upfront research and analysis for available vendors. We identified 8 vendors that met the spa’s service needs, collected pricing and service information from each vendor, prepared (4-year) life-cycle cost analyses of vendor options and organized vendor presentations for the customer from a pared-down list of vendors. We were able to show the spa that the vendor they preferred on a technical level also offered the least cost solution for the life of the project, allowing the IT department to clearly document and cost-justify the vendor selection to ownership.

Law Firm

The partners in this boutique law firm wanted telecom services to support their need to work remotely while retaining their professional image with clients. We identified a high-end managed and hosted IP Telephony product that addressed all of their current and growth needs, while simultaneously reducing their overall telecom costs.


Our customer had purchased a hotel with significant telecommunications/data communications expenses and multiple providers. The customer needed assistance in identifying redundant services and recommendations for new services going forward. We conducted a complete inventory of the telecom/datacom billing and contract status, identified redundant services, and recommended alternative service providers. The new owner realized savings of over $24,000 in telecom expenses in their first year of service as a result of our recommendations.

Office Relocation

Our client was moving their primary office from Florida to the Boston area and needed assistance in finding telecom/datacom services in an unfamiliar geographic region. The customer had received a quote from a single provider but did not have the time or resources to identify and evaluate all of the possible options. We identified and summarized all available carriers to meet their service criteria, provided comprehensive pricing, SLAs and installation intervals. We were also able to assist them in finding reliable local service providers for other essential business services.